Membership program

Members always get much more

Our motorcycles are all original, mostly in an unrestored, authentic condition. All of them are of great technical, historical as well as  financial value. Most of them were manufactured in a few-thousand or even few-hundred series. Keeping them in good working condition needs regular maintenance, knowledge, experience and sometimes spare parts. All the bikes from the collection are loved and priceless. It is clear that any damage to them would be unacceptable.

It is our pleasure to share all extraordinary emotions evoked by riding these bikes with people who understand, are on board, are passionate about motorcycles like us, who are responsible, open minded and ready to celebrate imperfection that makes life beautiful and tasty.

First of all, please spend a few minutes for REGISTRATION and become a member of our group. Membership will allow you to join the classic motorcycle riding events and more.

Our motorbikes are divided into three categories. A certain level of membership status (Newcomer, Rider, Enthusiast) is required for each specific bike category. The same applies to ongoing or future classic motorcycle riding events.

Participation in events raises your membership status letting you try out  even more unique motorbikes and enjoy more exclusive and private events.

Membership levels

After the first registration each member obtains the Newcomer level and can book the first one-day Italian Classics riding experience.

After a successful first classic riding experience, you will be upgraded to the Rider level. Riders can enjoy rarer and more unique motorcycles at their next event. Riders can also participate in more advanced and special events such as Classic Italian Weekend etc.

The highest membership level is the Enthusiast. You will be upgraded to it after attending a at least two special  riding events and, in addition,  showing genuine  enthusiasm and passion. These members are most likely to make friends with us and become part of our classic motorcycle environment. For Enthusiasts we plan exclusive events such as classic motorcycle riding week  in the Alps, visiting Mandello del Lario with a classic Moto Guzzi,  take part in an international motorcycle meeting in Breganze with one of our Laverda,  Route des Granes Alpes on classic Ducati or other classic Italian beauties.