About us

Discover the classic motorcycle riding experience with us

Meccanica Tricolore is a team of people with passion. Passion for classic sports motorcycles, especially those produced in Italy in the 70’s centred in a continuously developing private collection.

Most of us have also been born in the 70’s and we know how much fun and energy riding the same “young” motorcycles can give to us .

This is the reason  why the collection of Italian Classic Superbikes is not a static museum. These bikes evoke all the extraordinary emotions during the ride.

The emotions created by riding these motorcycles are so strong that we have decided to let you enjoy them, too.

Every motorcyclist who deep down feels the passion for classic motorcycles, the Italian style and, from time to time dreams about an old Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda and other legends, has a chance to live the dream with us.

Book and enjoy one of our classic motorcycle riding events.

Our motorcycles are all original, mostly in an unrestored, authentic condition. All of them are of great technical, historical as well as  financial value.

Most of them were manufactured in a few-thousand or even few-hundred series. Keeping them in good working condition needs regular maintenance, knowledge, experience and sometimes spare parts. All the bikes from the collection are loved and priceless.

Our aim is to create an extraordinary experience for you and to enjoy the great motorcycle day with you.

Don’t worry
about difficulties of right side shifting, old fashioned brakes and suspension. Don’t be scared with the engine starting procedure being different for each bike and even different for the same bike depending on the weather conditions or the season.

We will support you all the time
. We will always be helpful and believe that at the end of the day all these details will become natural to you.